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TognoPlastics s.n.c. leads the customer in all the production stages, starting from the designing which takes place completely assisted by state-of-the-art CAD-CAM systems.


We have a modern workshop, where CNC machining centers are placed, that allow us to build high precision injection moulds and to be able to satisfy all needs of our customers. Our stamping department have latest generation injection presses equipped with robot for quick and repeatable cycles. Besides we are also able to produce 3D prototypes to test the product before the construction of the mould in order to adjust any mistakes and make improvements during the initial phases of the designing stage.

Chromium/plating plant

Our chromium-plating plant uses lowimpact technologies and in line with the European standards. In the Company there is an automated galvanic plant for plating of ABS and Blend with chemical and electrolytic lines with additional tanks dedicated to increased copper and nickel thicknesses.


We have an internal department of
 - Assembly
- Packaging
- Labelling

Precision, punctuality and quality are guaranteed by processes carried out manually by expert operators. Besides, every working step can be modulated to offer a personalized service according to the customer requests.



Cutting edge Technology